Sunday, 16 September 2012

An update on the Kislev update

In case you were wondering when the next book will be out, I'm currently finished with Kislev's bestiary and magic items, leaving the background formatting and the actual army list to go. I should hopefully have it finished during next week, giving me the opportunity to work on Nippon.

Regarding the Knightly Orders, I've finally gotten all the material I need, but of course then my scanner decided it was a good time to perform seppuku on itself (not that I mind that much, the thing was ancient), meaning I'll have to buy a new one. Only a minor setback though, I should be up and running by tomorrow again! If all goes as planned, I'll have this book out this week as well.


  1. one thing m8 you know how tzarina can be on a bear chariot can u make it a regular option for kislev lords so i can use the one i have which is an actual awesome warsled and pulled by 3 bears it would be greatly appreciated and a fun part to the army i dont want to have to use a special character to use the warsled and i payed quite alot for it its the ral partha 10th aniversary one made in 1985 im so happy i got it lol well ill see what its like when its through the mail