Thursday, 13 September 2012

Araby Proper 8th ed update out now!

So what I've decided to become a standard is my books from now on - colour - will of course appear in the Araby book as well, so here you have it - the full colour version (well, almost)!

It also fixes some minor bugs and spelling errors and smaller layout changes, as well as adding some new fluff.



  1. As a always a great pleasure to see your work! :D

  2. Question about pirates.Is it going to be a full army,an expansion for dogs of war or another mercenary army?
    PS:try to finish it soon :)

    1. They are going to be their own army, but they probably won't get a "complete" book as such. They will still have background fluff, a bestiary and an army list, but not all the bells and whistles of say, Araby or Kislev. Expect something along the lines of the Cult of Ulric list, except that they don't need to rely on another army.

      The Pirates will have to wait a while though, I have a Kislev update to finish first ;)

  3. hi, (i'm from bavaria so excuse my english^^)
    i really love your books and iam always waiting for new stuff. but i'm found a few mistakes in your books. excuse me that i'm writing this here but i can't send you a mail here because i have no account on google or so on. i'm starting with araby.

    Page 51: the sultan title "the wealthy": any champion of sultans guard, ... do you mean palace guard?
    57: bowmen: marksman: profile 2 attacks?
    70: howdah crew: 3rd section: quote "all hits upon the rhinox battle fortress are resolved using the monsters thoughness ..."
    80: i missed a sentence like "each unit can only effect once per cast"
    81: how does venom of the desertsnake and shadowstrike work together?
    87: jaffar 4 wounds?
    89: al thair have no always strikes first rule?
    90: sheikh: equipment: light armour missed
    92: camel riders: there stands arabyan steed, i think you mean camel
    93: janissaries have no lasting enmity?
    94: naffatun: that model with the siphon can never throw a bomb?
    95: war elephant: troop type infantry? (in my brain that looks funny:-) )
    96: were you drunk there (i hope^^) i think the following list are mistakes.
    salah ad-din: ws3, bs3, s3, i3, a1,
    sultan: ws3, a1,
    caliph: ws3, bs3, s3, i3, a1,
    grand vizier: m6 (fast foot)
    greater genie: m4, bs4, s5, w3,
    bowmen: i4,
    marksman: a2,
    bosun: s4, ld8,
    desert/bedouin raider: ->
    -> bestiary and reference bs3, a2; armylist bs4 a1
    hasham: a1,
    sharpshooter: bs5;

    i hope thats helpful to make the books faultless.

    greez g√ľnni

    1. No worries about posting it here, as long as I see it it's all good :)

      Thanks for letting me know, I'll work through them all today and post a new update later today.

      Janissaries are not supposed to have lasting enmity though, it's part of their fluff.

      P.S. I probably wasn't drunk (can never be sure though!), but I likely did it late at night while suffering from slight fatigue. I usually end up sitting up very late when I try to finish something! ;)