Friday, 14 September 2012

Another Araby update out now!

After some feedback on some more bugs, I've patched the Araby book again. Also changed some points costs around, Mujahedin now costs 11 pts, Bladedancers cost 60 pts and carpet riders cost 18 pts.

Also did some layout changes, primarily in the army list and added some new artwork.


  1. i like the new design in the army list.

    but i have found a few bugs again. sorry^^

    bestiary section page 73 flying carpets movement - instead of 2.

    aaaaaand the reference section^^

    greater genie have only 3 wounds instead of 4
    marksman have really 2 attacks?
    bosun strength 4 and leadership 8?
    pillar of faith and hasham only 1 attack
    sharpshooter only BS 4

    i hope thats all ;-)

    1. Damn it! You can never get them all, can you! :p

      Oh well, they are fixed in the doc, but I won't upload it right away in case I find some more bugs later on. At least it should be clear enough what stat each unit based on the bestiary and army list.

      Keep the bug reports coming though, will probably need proofreading for Kislev when that's out!

  2. the only one thats unclear are the desert end camel rider champions. in bestiary and reference they have 2 attacks but in the army list they have ballistic skill of 4. but your right the rest is small stuff. sorry for the trouble^^ good night

    greez g√ľnni

    1. Ah, that should be 2 attacks, infinitely more useful than BS4 (well, almost). And no trouble at all, I too want the book to look as good as possible :)

  3. thats right but im thinking BS 4 for the desert raider is more fluffy because of the fire and flee rule special rule.

    1. True, but they also have their options for spears and shields... but heck, you are probably right, I was thinking the same thing. They do come with bows as basic, after all. Consider it done.