Monday, 17 September 2012

Annoucing: Gnoblar Hordes!

"Oh no, I'm never gonna get that Nippon update, am I?" No worries, this will be a minor project down the line. Feels like I'm always working a large book update at the same time as a smaller one nowadays, heh.

Anyway, in White Dwarf 310 that I originally purchased to get the Empire Knightly Orders article, I also happened to find the Gnoblar Hordes list. Only having seen the actual rules part for them online, I wasn't too interested in them without any fluff. However, apart from the actual army list, there was actually a whole bunch of background on Gnoblar Society and descriptions for each troop type, including artwork! So what the heck, I thought, I'll make a smaller army book for the little critters as well! I'll probably start working on it after Pirates of Sartosa, so there will be a while until these guys see the spotlight though!
And of course, all original credits to Kevin Coleman, who wrote the list to begin with.


  1. wuhuuu gnoblaaaaars. pigback riders, pigback riders!!

    1. Of course, wouldn't be a Gnoblar list without them ;)