Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Details for upcoming Halfling update

Time for the short furry-feeted ones to get colorized! I'm not gonna put a date on it since I do intend to make room for other things (mainly video games, plus that thing called "work"). However, this shouldn't take too long to get done with mostly editing needed, as opposed to having to add/rewrite a ton of fluff.
The book will most likely not see any new units, but there will be a few more special characters added at least, including the famous Hisme Stoutheart. Overall, it will mostly be a major facelift with much improved layout and formatting (can't believe how much progress I've made on that front since early 2012) as well as some re-balancing (expect prices to go up). I would guess September, but I'm not promising anything.

Current Progress:

Contents/credits - in progress
Society - done
History - done
Timeline - done
Geography - done
Bestiary - done
Special characters - done
Magic Items - done
Army list - done
Summary - done

Update 1: Lot of progress has been made already as you can see! I've done some major editing in their background section, so you should see a lot less repetition in the text compared to the old version, and every it much better laid out for easier reading.
The special characters will take a while though as they need a lot more fluff to fit a whole page, and their magic lore will probably be rewritten completely. The army list too needs to be re-done, since I'm using different templates for it in the newer books. Still, a mid-September release looks very much plausible now, if not sooner.

Update 2: Turns out "sooner" means "this weekend". Writing fluff for Halflings turned out to be surprisingly easy, meaning I now only have the army list left to do really. I will probably finish that part later today or tomorrow, so you can expect to see the new version on Sunday at least.

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