Monday, 12 August 2013

New Pirates of Sartosa update out now!

As per usual during the first week of bug-hunting, updates are to be had. This one takes care of the following:

  • Naval Bombardment can now only be used once per game.
  • Pirate Crew can take boarding pikes (halberds)
  • Various spelling errors fixed. 

Edit: Another new update posted, fixing the following:
  • Ghost Pirates are gone.
  • Dead Man's Chest now allows one unit to be transformed into Undead for the rest of the battle.
  • Some minor spelling issues fixed.

Edit: New update posted (Google Drive only), fixes the following:
  • Sea Dogs now have correct movement.
  • Fixed contents table.
  • Fixed Summary table
  • Dead Man's Chest bumped to 65 pts


  1. fantastic book as usual. noticed a solitary F page 68, last sentence of Jeago Roths background.

  2. Two things:
    1- why remove the ghost pirates?
    2- Ghost pirates are still in the table of contents with an error message.

    1. 1. Because they felt a little off when there's also a Zombie Pirates list (which I will likely update in the future), there's already an Unbreakable unit in the special section, and having a magic item giving the effect of the treasure from Pirates of the Caribbean just felt too cool to pass up ;)
      You can still technically field a unit of Ghost Pirates in the list, as long as you pick the Dead Man's chest.

      2. Thanks for noting that, completely forgot to fix that. Will make a new update reasonably soon which will also fix the Summary page.

  3. Dwarf Sea dogs seem to be movement 4, whereas long drong slayer is movement 3. making them the fastest dwarfs in warhammer. is this intentional or a oversight.

  4. Any suggestions on stand in models yet?

    1. I know of quite a few (google is your friend), but I haven't gotten around to make a post for them yet I'm afraid. Will do eventually though.