Friday, 2 August 2013

Some New Blog Features

Using the awesome power of trial and error (sans the error) I managed to figure out how to put the Google Drive links in the title of the books of the top and bottom of the page in order to save space. So, to view or download the books, you can either:

1. Press the cover to read and download on Issuu (if you can find the secret download button that is)
2. Press the army's name above the cover to read [the smaller file versions] and download without registration on Google Drive.

In regards to Google Drive, it's unfortunately not an ideal solution, since the syncing will stop and the files will be deleted from the cloud if my hard drive should crash (not too likely since it's a new SSD drive which should last about 10 years or so), but as long as I can remember to stop the syncing before that happens or before reinstalling windows it should be a-okay. So in case the files should suddenly be unavailable for some reason, you can assume they will be re-uploaded rather soon. In case I might not notice it myself, feel free to shoot me an email.

Which brings me to the second new feature: a proper contact form.
Hidden deep within the second page of Blogger's gadgets, I found a better way than just list my email on my profile, which have probably made it rather easy for spambots to reach me (I really don't need any viagra, honest! Though I do appreciate winning the lottery without entering and being the heir of so many Nigerian princes...). As such, you can now easily message me with any questions, feedback and what have you directly through this website instead. Pretty nifty!

Oh, and I've also changed the language of the blog to proper English, meaning it will read "comments" rather than the Swedish "kommentarer" etc. from now on.


  1. Great work, but you missed one spot: it still says Bloggarkiv ;) Otherwise, I love your books, keep up the good work!

    1. Right you are, seems I have to change that one manually. Fixed!