Friday, 2 August 2013

Regarding Uploading

Something I've wanted to bring up and that has been known to me for quite some time, which is frankly a bit of a pet peeve, are people uploading my books to Scribd and Issuu (and to a smaller extent Rapidshare and the like). Now, there's a pretty simple reason for this; namely that all books are already on both Scribd and Issuu to begin with, meaning that there are now multiples of each book floating around on the same website.

Why is this a problem? Well, mostly this is an issue since these other uploads are not being updated like my original versions, meaning people might download and use them by mistake instead. Sure, they are still my books, but there's a reason why I keep updating them, and with 10 different versions of just my Nippon book floating around on Scribd, people can easily get confused. Luckily it's usually my latest versions that show up first in the search results, but this is not always the case despite them having the most reads.

If I for some reason would be unable to keep updating the books and they would eventually be removed, then by all means re-upload them, but until then, there's no point in uploading yet another [outdated] version of my books to one of these sites. If you are reading this and have done so, I would appreciate if you would delete any such document. I'm not going to start chasing people with C&D letters or claim breach of copyright (how hypocritical that would be!), but I'm rather politely asking you to not confuse people needlessly.

In regards to uploading these books to different file sharing sites I have less of an issue with since this has mostly been done to allow people to download them without having to register to Issuu or Scribd (which has been an "evil" necessity), but again, this means people will get their hands on outdated rules. With the new download option on Google Drive, you no longer need to register at all, so these types of services won't be needed as long as the books remain there.

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