Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Details for upcoming Warhammer: Albion

While I'm waiting for Stefan Wolf to finish working on the fluff for the Amazons, I've started to work on Albion, a book sorely in need of an update. In terms of background, the book will be a lot longer; I've tracked down all the old material from the Dark Shadows campaign, so the book will have more info in both its history and geography departments. I've also changed the fluff for the tribes, and done quite a few changes to their society section.

For the rules, Furor Celtica will see some big changes. Albion will still be all about getting the charge, but you won't be seeing Woad Raiders with 4(!) attacks each any more. As far as new units go, I haven't added anything yet, and at the moment, I don't really plan to, since Albion is kind of a limited faction who also shares its mythology with both Fimir and Wood Elves already. All in all, the army will get a nice face-lift and be better balanced for 8th ed.

Edit: Actually, two new units will be added: some simple scouts in the form of Hunters, and some Monstrous Beasts in the form on Centaurs (which are different from Centigors, obviously).

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