Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Some good and some "bad" news

Starting with the "bad" news first; though these are not as much bad as they are just a change of form. I'm officially cancelling Cult of Slaanesh and Mercenaries of Tilea as stand-alone projects, as they will probably be made part of the Allied Contingents book down the road instead. This gives me more time to support the already existing books instead, which are already time-consuming enough as it is.

Speaking of supporting the already existing books, good news are that I have just recently upgraded to Word 2010 and increased my Photoshop skills, which will allow me to improve the graphic quality of the books even further. Kislev and Araby are both scheduled for makeovers now, which will greatly improve their layout as well as making a few rules changes. Cathay and Nippon will follow at a later date.

I have finished most of the work on the Amazon book now, with pretty much only half the army list left to go for myself (currently waiting for Stefan Wolf to finish his parts of the fluff, which will take a while (fortunately!). Having some trouble deciding on the power level of their artefacts, but I'll get around it soon. For now, you can look forward to seeing improved versions of Kislev (will also be considerably shorter) and Araby.


  1. artifact power level should probably be somewhere around 8999. Any high would just be absurd :)

    1. Really? I was thinking of taking it slightly above 9000... but that would probably be somewhat overpowered, yes ;)