Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Cancelling Wood Elves

A bit of unfortunate news here, but quite important ones. Apparently GW has been on the war path lately and been shutting down blogs that contain images of their own products (example:, and since this blog is practically doing that with some of their older material (though they mostly seem to be caring about the new stuff) I don't want to put more fuel on what might be an ensuing fire.

I have not yet received any C&D letters from GW, and I might not get that either, but I want to stay on the safe side and not venture further into their IP territory. As such, I will not be continuing work on the Wood Elf book for the time being, and might take down or at least redo large parts of the Chaos Dwarf book to remove a lot of the features from Tamurkhan.

If rumors are true though, the official Wood Elf book is not too far off, so you might not even need my version for more than a few months anyway.

In any case, the other army books will still be supported as normal, with Estalia making decent progress at the moment.