Monday, 6 May 2013

Warhammer Estalia: Proper 8th ed Update out now!

Well that was done a lot faster than expected, and I didn't even need to call for "backup" on this one! Looking back at the old version, I really have to say I did a rather poor job with it, both balance and editing-wise. There was a ton of inconsistent parts, like the Inquisition being started by nothing less than 3 different people and all at different points in history, in addition to poorly translated Spanish-to-English text (my bad) and plenty of grammar issues throughout, as well as poorly put together backgrounds for the units themselves.
Fortunately, this new version fixes all of that, and everything should now be much, much more cohesive and easier to read, not to mention looking a lot nicer too!

I would also like to give proper credit to Steven Lewis and Steve Darlington, whose names I completely missed to include the first time around. Steven wrote a significant part of Estalia's original history section, and Steve wrote parts of their geography and society.

Balance-wise the book is likely weaker now, with points increases almost across the board, and many special rules have been nerfed and tweaked, though it will still require play-testing to know if anything else needs changing of course!

A summary of the new things in Warhammer: Estalia:

  • Almost completely revised history section, including the timeline.
  • New army-wide special rules: Tercio Formation, Estalian Steel, and revised Tactical Supremacy.
  • New units: Almogavars, War Dogs, Mountain Guns. Missionaries, Serfs, Inquisitorial Henchmen are no more.
  • Revised units: Diestro are now characters, Handgunners are a core choice, and Royal Guard replaces Arqubusiers, among several other changes.
  • New Special Characters: Isabella Giovanna Luccelli, Grand Inquistor de Hojeda and Maria de Salvo. King Miraz is no more.
  • 9 new magic items replacing the old ones.
  • Full colour layout: I don't consider it my best work, but it sure is prettier than the last version, and some of the new artwork is absolutely fantastic!

Enjoy, time for me to turn back the sleeping rhythm once again, followed by a short but needed break!



  1. Great! I'm reading it. So I will tell you my opinion in few hours. But for a quick look it seems good.

    I will anounce it on my web. Thanks!


    1. Thanks, looking forward to it! Let me know if you find any bugs as well, already fixed a few of them :)

  2. Fond some error. Rare unit cannon have special rules of mountains cannon for 110 pt. and there are some word error(tit-hit...)

    1. Fixed the special rules. What word error are are you talking about though, can't find any "tit-hit" in it?

  3. Tit error :Pag 75 sacred sword.
    Bug rules :Requiered specific to duelling tecnique,when bonus end ? I think it‘s end when turn finish but is not specific

    1. Ah, that should be "To Hit", fixed it now.

      As for the dueling techniques, they only last during one turn, since you must pick a new one the next turn. When picking a new one, you of course lose the old one.