Friday, 31 May 2013

Development Update: Albion

Look like this might be a pretty quick one, have already got the main part of it done. Will update this post with further progress.

Current Progress:

Contents/credits - done
Society - done
History - done
Timeline - done
Geography - done
Bestiary - done
Special characters - done
Spell Lore - done
Magic Items - done
Army list - done
Summary - done

Edit: most of the book can probably be finished during this week, but I will need to wait until I receive my newly bought copy of WD262 to finalize Albion's history (apparently I didn't have quite the whole collection). Hopefully this will take about 10 days at most.


  1. please dont ruin it lol im looking forward to it and 4 attacks rly arent that great btw ive well tested the last set please keep scroll of eternities and sickle swords of hordek

    1. 4A on a normal core unit is pretty over the top though, so they won't be getting Devastating Charge anymore. However, they will get other bonuses instead.
      As for the Magic Items, they are mostly new, but you really aren't missing that much; the Scroll is pretty much just a dispel scroll (which could potentially be a gamebreaker with some lucky rolls), and the Sickle swords are just two hand weapons with better poisoned attacks. Their new magic items are bit more fun and original.

  2. maybee but its really not that effective no strength behind them maybee if u made them s4

    are you keeping any original magic gear maybee the std of victory

    it will be interesting to see what u come up with especially if there fun like the good old mempo of honour from nippon lol

    btw Ive play tested nippon 5 times now and won 3 lost 2 and playing them tonight soon its a good fun army nicely balanced and interesting

    1. Well, they really aren't supposed to be all that super-great either though, since they are just a core unit. 3 Strength 4 Attacks each makes them hit harder than Cathayan Swordsaints!

      Standard of Victory is also gone, I've already finished the magic items. I think you will still like the selection, even if the ones you have mentioned so far are not not appearing.

      Glad to hear Nippon is working out quite well!

  3. yeah cool i must admit aswell i thought the pixie banner was quite funny too

    i look forward to the book

    i won with nippon again though the kitsunes failed lol got into a horde lost by 1 because my dice were terrible and rolled 12 twice for ld was hilarious caught by a horde of handgunners after running 2 inches on 3 dice