Sunday, 5 May 2013

New updates for DoW, RoR and CRoR out now!

A rather overdue update that takes care of some bugs and updates a few things in these books, namely the following:

Dogs of War:

  • The text for Mighty Athlete is now left aligned.
  • Text for the paychest is no longer cut off on the last row.
  • Some new artwork for the units.

Regiments of Renown:

  • The Manflayers's repeater crossbows now has range 24".
  • Asarnil updated for HE 8th ed.

 Classic Regiments of Renown:

  •  Elfwing cavalry updated for HE 8th ed.


  1. I noticed something in the new Dogs of War. There are no greenskins despite there being rules and characters designed around them. Were they forgotten or removed for reasons I don't know?

    1. There have never been Greenskins in the "generic" DoW army book. However, there are a few greenskin RoR that you can find in their supplements (RoR and Classic RoR), that these rules (you are probably thinking of Ghazak Khan?) were made for.