Sunday, 28 April 2013

New Norse update out now!

A little bigger update this time, changing the following:

- Counter-Charge now only applies to units with a King or Jarl in them, streamlined function to avoid confusion with multiple chargers.
- Most Infantry 1 pt cheaper.
- Fearless rule for Reaver removed.
- Marauders and Half Giants only have hand weapons as basic, have to purchase other weapons.
- Some graphical changes.
- Fixed text duplicates and typos.

Edit: Small errata for Berserkergang, not yet uploaded:

"Whenever a unit of Norse makes successful charge (including Counter-Charge) it may take a Leadership test at the start of their close combat round (before testing for Fear). If passed, the unit is Frenzied for the duration of the turn."


  1. What happened to the Norse Dwarfs?

    1. I removed them due to Fluff reasons, Kraka Drak was apparently destroyed by Valmir Aesling (Norse) which was their biggest hold, meaning there are only a few of them left whom are mostly withdrawn from the Norse, only trading every now and then with the Southern Tribes.
      They are basically enemies with half the Norse tribes, so it didn't really make sense to have them in the army book.
      Besides, there really wasn't much they excelled at that another Norse unit cannot do anyway (apart from using those cowardly crossbows! ;)

  2. I really like the update to counter-charge, It's simpler to work out and more likely to actually have an effect than before. I also like how it makes opponents charge more likely to complete.

    1. Nice to hear, I was a bit worried that it might be a little too easy to get those charges off, but then again, you have to have a Jarl or King to benefit from them now (which is also partly why the price dropped on multiple units, as their Berserkergang won't kick in as often if they are alone). Above all, there shouldn't be any issues with multiple chargers now.