Friday, 12 April 2013

To Valhalla! Details for upcoming Warhammer: Norse!

Having finished (for the moment) exploring the mysterious East of the Warhammer World, it's time to go back to my own (former) culture: the Norse! I know I said that I would do Wood Elves after Cathay, but... VIKINGS! Okay?
This should be a reasonably quick update, since I won't have to rewrite whole chunks of fluff like with Cathay or Nippon. For the proper Norse 8th ed update you can look forward to:

- Extended background on Norsca.
- New units: Sons of Thor, Thralls, Slavers, Ulfjarls, Half Giants, Norse Horsemen. Norse Dwarfs will unfortunately disappear from the list for fluff reasons.
- New special characters.
- New Lore of the Seidr.
- Revised Magic Items.
- Lots of balance changes.

I hope to be finished with the book at the end of April, so check in then! Now to summon the power of Thor by playing Amon Amarth (look them up) all day!

Current Progress:

Contents/credits - in progress.
Society - done.
The Tribes - done.
History - done.
Timeline - done.
Geography - done.
Bestiary - done.
Special characters - done.
Magic Items - done.
Spell Lore - done.
Army list - done.
Summary - done.

Update: Most of the book is finished now, still need to finish up the special characters though. I'm currently going through the main background text for Norsca and editing a lot of the grammar (which is sorely needed), so the new version should read a lot better in certain parts. If possible, I'll have the update out by tomorrow night.


  1. "Very Good decision :)

    Maybe you do next Pirates or Hobgoblins armybook ? ;)


    - Well, you have the release order to the left of the page, so as you can see Sartosa is scheduled after Wood Elves. Hobgoblins won't see an update until much later this year, if at all during 2013.

  2. "I saw this but I ask becouse:
    "the Norse! I know I said that I would do Wood Elves after Cathay, but... VIKINGS! Okay?"

    - Ah, okay. The plan was to work on Wood Elves at the moment, but I felt more inspired to work on other stuff. Better a happy games designer than one who makes books just 'cause ;)

  3. Kalevala Hammer have do a great work about background of Norsca.

    1. Thanks, already aware of that. I used parts of the old version from that site for the current Norse book, so I plan to expand on that in the new version :)

  4. Cool! I'm excited to see the update. I'm a attending a 2 day, 5 round tournament this summer that has approved the Norse army for play.

    I have been doing a lot of play testing of my army based on the current book. I lose most of the time playing against strong armies and people who have been playing then for a while, but tend to tie with lower power tier armies like Tomb Kings. Norse is a very fun army to play, and I'm still trying to buidl up my experience with it. I played against a new Daemon list recently and had a close game. Just lost by a few hundred.

    The games tend to be close and good if I remember most of my special abilities. That is a big challenge with the army trying to remember to kick of Skald and Seer abilities at the beginning of turn, and not forgetting to use counter charge/berserkergang.

    1. Good news that the Seer ability will be incorporated into their new lore then, gives you one less thing having to remember ;)

      Hopefully their new units will give you a bit of an edge to tip that into victories. And if not, you'll at least have some new toys to play with for variation :)