Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Possible Allied Contingents book in the future

As some of you may have read, I have been tinkering with the idea of making a book for Allied Contingents in the future . Seeing how many of you seem to want to these list playable in an 8th ed format, I will probably just have to cave in and give you those armies at some point... ;)

These Allied Contingents would be smaller army lists of maybe 10-20 pages each, containing about a dozen units (with about half a page of text/art for each). This would also include a couple of pages of background for each army list, but nothing major like the complete army books.
If I were to put together a book like this, what armies would you like to see? At the moment I was thinking:

  • Tilean Mercenaries (replacing Mercenaries of Tilea, but will give you more distinct mercenary units instead).
  • Border Princes (based on the Balkans, Byzantines and Greeks)
  • Marienburg (based on Dutch trading companies)
  • Gnoblar Hordes (updated WD list)
  • Dwarf Slayers (updated SoC list)
  • Army of the Cairns (updated WD list)
  • Cult of Slaanesh (replacing the full book, updated SoC list)
  • Zombie Pirates (updated WD list)
  • Hinterlands of Khuresh (based on Snake-men, Naga, as mentioned in Monstrous Arcanum, only a maybe here)
  • Pygmies (maybe)

Also note that this is only a "maybe" announcement, haven't decided upon anything yet. This supplement would be created only after all other books are up to date (so probably not until next year then).


  1. super cool idea. I would like to see most of them.

    Tilean Mercenaries: I would rather have the Mercenaries of Tilea Book

    Border Princes: sounds like a good idea.

    Marienburg: I have always seen them as DoW with imperial culture. but I do Really kind of like your idea of ​​Dutch trading companies.

    Gnoblar Hordes: cool

    Dwarf Slayers: cool again

    Army of the Cairns: do not know it, what is it?

    Cult of Slaanesh fine idea to replace the full book with an updated SoC list

    Zombie Pirates: like it

    Hinterlands of Khuresh: interesting.

    Pygmies: I want to see the army.

    1. Regarding the Mercenaries, I'm leaning towards them just being an allied contingents list at the moment, as I'm not so sure I have the resources to make it up the level of the other books. One of the downsides of raising the bar for oneself ;)

      The Army of the Cairns is the army of Heinrich Kemmler, so mostly based around necromancy, barrow wights and so on.

      Hinterlands of Khuresh and Pygmies are only maybes at the moment though, they are the least likely you will see of the ones above.

  2. "Maybe
    - Dragons from Dragon Isles?
    - Cult of .... for all Chaos Gods ?


    PS. Great work with Norsca!"

    - An army of Dragons would likely be rather boring to both play with an against, not much in terms of variety there ;)
    Besides, the Dragon Isles are already inhabited by Lizardmen.

    As for the rest of the Cults; only Slaanesh is widespread enough to have its own army as far as I know, don't have any particular ideas for the other gods at the moment.

  3. ""Besides, the Dragon Isles are already inhabited by Lizardmen."
    Dragons are also lizards ;) This wolud be an army with few figures on table ;)

    "The Army of the Cairns is the army of Heinrich Kemmler, so mostly based around necromancy, barrow wights and so on."

    maybe army of Ghorth the Cruel ? :)
    or maybe Chaos Dwarf Renegades ? :)


    - True, but there is a pretty big difference between Lizardmen and Dragons, regardless of what they might actually look like. I mean, Dragons aren't even cold-blooded!

    Regardless, a lizardmen army (even if feral, since they don't have any Slann to lead them) with a just a Dragon or two in it doesn't sound like it would warrant its own army, it just doesn't stand out in any particular way. I'd rather focus on making more human-based armies (you can never have enough of those!). I'm just not that big a fan of Lizardmen.

    Same goes for Chaos Dwarfs, if I make rules for Ghorth the Cruel in the future, he would just be a special character in the CD book, don't see any reason why he should warrant an entire army list of his own. Same goes for CD Renegades.

  4. Sounds interesting.We will finally have a clear vision of the warhammer map,knowing which people dwell each.Hinterlands of Khuresh would be based in the Khmer empire,or a hanumen empire or tiger people,or all of them combined in a single horde,since we dont know much about khmer and there is a small resemblance about hanumen and rakhsasa in the warhammer world.Also,I agree with the idea of puting the mercs of tilea from a single book to a many-small-factions book since they dont have a standar army or their own country to exist as a nation.However,the army book I am looking forward to is the border princes,because I was always qurious about the people who live there.
    PS:balkan?like some slavic medieval units
    greeks:ancient greeks?warhammer NEEDS a ancient greek army.Also,I believe border princes are based in ancient greece since border princes reminds me the ancient greek city states.
    byzantines:technically they are greeks,since they were descentants of ancient greek people,however they considered themselves as continuers of the roman empire.You could use some medieval units like cataphrakts,acrites or bucelarius,but it would match better if it would combine romans and greeks.
    AND:pygmies would be a southland army,having impis animists or witch doctors and riding african animals.Pygmies could have traveled from southlands to amazonia when idk the continents were attached.If pygmies dont or could exist to the southlands you can create a gnome book,bazed on zulu and other central african tribes.

    1. Well, Hanumen and Rakshasha are already part of the Kingdoms of Ind, so they would not appear in Khuresh. Monstrous Arcanum only mention snake people living there, so that's what they would be based on.
      For the mercenaries, there wouldn't be a bunch of factions, rather it would be additional units to the Dogs of War book, including unique units from each State.
      Border Princes would have several smaller "army lists", containing unique units for each Princedom. Khypris would be Byzantine, Myrmidens would be Ancient Greece, Styrtia would probably have Roman influences and so on.
      Pygmies would be based in Lustria most likely, but would have African influences as well. Gnomes were more or less completely written out of the Warhammer World ages ago though.

    2. Oh ok .Thank you.

  5. Tilean Mercenaries would be cool, replacing the existing book, as long as the Dogs of War book was to remain.

    Border Princes (based on the Balkans, Byzantines and Greeks), these would be particularly cool, but I wouldn't be sold on the concept you are drawing from, because their is strong Border Princes canon at present, and they aren't reminiscent of either the Byzantines or Greeks...

    Marienburg (based on Dutch trading companies) would be awesome.

    Hinterlands of Khuresh (based on Snake-men, Naga, as mentioned in Monstrous Arcanum, only a maybe here) would be absolutely awesome, and considering all of the lands around them have been done, it would be a travesty not to do them too.

    Pygmies (maybe) would be awesome. I nearly bought an army of these for about £500 off of eBay, but baulked at the price. Would still love to see them!

    I would also consider putting the Pirates of Sartosa into here. I don't think they've got enough substance to fill a whole book of their own, but would definitely make an awesome addition to this book, and any army :)


    1. Nothing would happen to the existing Dogs of War book per say, the only the AC list would contain is additional Tilean units that were cut/not included in the main book.

      The Border Princes would adhere to the official canon of course (which contains a lot of Imperials/Bretonnians/Tileans), but some of their units would be based on the aforementioned cultures, otherwise they wouldn't be any different from their "parent" armies to begin with!
      Btw, were would one find the most info on the already existing states? I have the General's Compendium and Renegade Crowns, but none of them really mentions much of the existing Border Princes per say.

      Pirates of Sartosa will actually be reasonable lengthy in terms of pages, but you might be right that they do lack quite a bit of substance to fill a whole army. Then again, I thought the same about Amazons and Halflings, and look where they ended up!

  6. Hi i was wondering if u could give some info on albion such as what your gonna do with it new units may i suggest baby mastodon mc I've got some u see and plz keep the scroll of eternuties and plz keep the sickle swords of hordek

    1. Currently I've just been gathering info on Albion (that book is going to be a lot longer than the current version in terms of background), but I probably won't be introducing too many new units for them.

      There won't be any Mastodon MC though I'm afraid, the Mastodon alone was only introduced because it was in Celtos. There might be some other cool stuff however.

      As for the magic items, I think both those are going to disappear, as their magic item selection will look a lot different from what it is now. I think you will be rather happy with the new version anyway ;)

  7. I think this should all be added as well. These are great ideas! But as for another army of the dead, wouldn't you have a better opportunity to create Nagashs' army? Most likely he would have access to everything above, and some units from Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings. That might be a little more interesting and easier for you to work with.

    Also, I like the Kuresh idea much, though I read something about Dragon Men above, and the only other place (like I mentioned earlier) would be to place them in Lumbria. I think I downloaded a book like this from some guy who professes to know about you and your armies, but his book the "Draconians" was not that great. Perhaps a redo is in order? Also, Lumbria would be the only place you haven't covered yet. Just a thought if you need ideas.

    Keep up the good work!!!

    1. A Nagash army would technically just be a Tomb Kings/VC army depending on which time period you place it in, not a whole lot of new things to work with there. However, the Army of the Cairns is more of a dedicated Necromancer army, which seems to be what most people ask for in regards to Nagash.

      As for the Draconians, I have no intentions of adding them. They are not part of the Warhammer background at all, which is what I'm basing all lists on.