Monday, 22 April 2013

Warhammer: Norse Proper 8th ed out now!

Keeping ahead of schedule again! This huge update for the Norse adds/changes the following:

  • Extended background for the Norse, especially in their history and geography department.
  • New units: Sons of Thor, Thralls, Ulfjarls, Half Giants, Norse Horsemen.
  • 2 new special characters - written by Stefan Wolf, who is starting to become a bit of a regular in helping out with writing supporting background for the units!
  • New Lore of the Seidr - spells based on the Aenir (Norse gods)
  • Revised Magic Items - the cooler ones from the old list is back in new form, with several new ones to boot.
  • Lots of balance changes - infantry is generally more expensive, but the Norse list have plenty of more variation now
  • Full colour artwork and graphic layout, with plenty of great new illustrations to peruse.
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  1. This is a completely awesome compilation of work! I'm wondering if a couple things work like I'm thinking they do -
    1. Does Shieldwall apply to every unit in the army with a shield? It is not listed as a special ability for any unit.
    2. Ice Drake breath attack - So, each model hit takes the S4 hit, then if still alive takes a toughness test also, so you get a chance to wound each model twice?

    1. Glad you like it! As for your questions:
      1. All models that have or can have a shield, yes. I can probably add it to those units as well to avoid any confusion.
      2. Heh no, mistake on my part. Only the toughness test apply, it causes no damage otherwise.

  2. this is an awesome army book! great job!