Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Details for upcoming Estalia update

Hot on the heels after Norse are Estalia! I want to wait until the High Elf book comes out until I start working on the Wood Elves' rules, so they will yet again take the back seat I'm afraid.
Fortunately, I know there are plenty of Estalia fans here (mostly from Spain, not surprisingly!), so this will hopefully still be rather welcomed news. Estalia haven't seen an update since sometime back in 2011, and there are plenty of things there that needs changing.

The Estalia update will be a bit down-played compared to most of the other updates, with less fantasy-elements (as befits their Inquisitorial setting). I haven't decided on their new units yet, though they will probably be fewer than those of other armies.
The army as a whole will probably land to be somewhat of a mix between the Empire and Dogs of War, though they won't have crazy magics and steampunk elements or a ton of different races to choose from. Rather, they will be a very human-centric army which will rely more on tactics and finesse over "ZOMG, explosions and stuff!".
So for those of you who prefer your armies with less fantasy, this would be a good choice (WAB players apply here), otherwise you will probably be better off just reading the background for fun and playing the Empire.

I will keep this post updated with the progress and planned features. However, right now I need to slow down work on these books for a few weeks to focus on studies, so do not expect this to be as quick an update as the Norse was. I will probably have it out in a month or so, and will be able to pick up the pace again after June 8th.

Planned features (so far):
  • New (possible) units: War Dogs, Royal Guard, Almogavars. Plans for Seraphim (angels) and Gorgons (armored bulls) existed, but I feel those would be a bit too much for Estalia. Inquisitorial Henchmen, Serfs are gone.
  • New special characters: Isabella Giovanna Luccelli and the High Inquisitor among others. Current special characters will be renamed so as not to be the same as their historical counter-parts.
  • Full colour update (the usual stuff, have tons of new cool artwork for the book).
  • Tercio formation will be added as army special rule.
  • Lore of Myrmidia will be relegated to Bound Spells like the Empire Warrior Priest.
  • Tactical Supremacy will be revised to be more useful.


  1. Good news! But I have never heard about Seraphims, what are they?

    Regards! Rodrigo.

    1. Serahphims, angels, celestials, whatever you want to call them :) Angelos, I believe it's called in Spanish?
      I had an idea for them being blessed by Myrmidia or something like that, but that sort of magic doesn't really exist in Warhammer, or else we would have a bunch of mini-Sigmars running around the battlefield ;)
      I might try to incorporate one as a special character though, a "Champion of Myrmidia", similar to Valten.

    2. Serahphim = Ángeles, not angelos. Need to work on my Spanish ;)

  2. Big fan of your work.
    All day I thought of asking you why Lore of Myrmidia not Bound Spells like the Sigmar Priest, Ulric Priest, Ursum Priest and priestesses of Shallya.
    Would you also to make rules for the differently gods in warhammer world. (Manann, Taal, Rhya, Morr and Verena.)
    But I do like Inquisitorial Henchmen and Serf.

    you could find to make an army book a Necromancer army (not vampire but Necromancer)

    1. Yes, that's exactly why the lore of going to change; I want all Priests to be on the same "level". I probably won't be making any rules for the other priests unless they will appear in any books, but who knows what the future will hold?
      The Inquisitorial Henchmen feel too 40k for my tastes (since they are pretty much straight copied from Codex: Daemon Hunters), and they also limit your useability with the Inquisitors too much. Better to remove what doesn't work properly. The Serfs makes it a little too tempting to just spam cheap infantry, I'd rather see people using the Tercio formation to build their battleline, in true Spanish fashion!

      Don't have any plans for a Necromancer army though, since about half the army would just be Vampire Counts (without the Vampires). However, I might do an update for the Army of the Cairns from White Dwarf at some point.

    2. I can see with it is a bit much 40k.
      I would use all the priests (Sigmar, Ulric, Shallya, Manann, Taal, Rhya, Myrmidia, Morr and Verena.) in a Empire army, but I would give the priests Sigmar a custom rule "God of the Empire" there can be no more priest of a different faith than there are priests of Sigmar.

      Shallya priests I would give the same rule as Skaven where heroes can refuse Challenges without Consequence and she should be able to lead from the back row. She is a lover not a fighter

  3. remember to up-dates Bagrian Abbot of la Maisontaal from a wizard to a priest

    1. Will probably do that the next time I update that book, but it's still pretty far off at the moment.

      Not bad ideas otherwise; just don't expect me to bring out any Priest rules (except Myrmidia ofc) in the nearest future though ;)