Sunday, 14 April 2013

New Cathay update out now!

This update changes some things based on the feedback from you guys, so thank you for helping out!
Several things are clarified, nerfed/buffed as follows (as well as some general bug fixes):

  • Dragon’s Breath 50 pts.
  • Stormhurler Ballista 75 pts.
  • Emperor's Guard 10 pts.
  • Plumage of Flames count towards the combat result.
  • Flames of Azure hits are resolved in close combat, counts towards resolution.
  • Bereavement of Life causes 3D6 hits.
  • Path of Light movement increased to 3D6, cannot be used to charge.
  • The Swift Cat is activated in remaining moves phase.
  • The Cunning Fox unit must stay within deployment zone.
  • Jade Sword of Feng Wu 40 pts.
  • Brush of 1000 Years can only be used with Lore of Ying and Yan.
  • Standard of Grand Cathay additional hits counts towards the combat result.


  1. nice book big improvement and its just awesome bar one huge thing you ruined the phoenix nooooooooo lol that was the best unit ever with the raising and the fire aura rather than the emberstorm

    lovin the wuxia and the brass titan though I play tested the hell out of the old cathay and was a huge fan ill do lots more when i get some more stuff lol very nice bar phoenix lol had to moan about that please change it back

    one other thing can u please add flash work
    globes back and the astrolabe those were fun my favorite magic items along with albions scroll of eternities and nippons mempo of eternities

    on another note I have a nippon army now and am playtesting it again great work but what happened to the thunder dragon ahhhhhh and could u maybee add kappa into cathay

    as usual awesome stuff m8 keep it up

    1. Blame Forge World, I used their Phoenix rules since that's "official" and thus easier to accept by the general public ;)
      Besides, the old phoenix was considered rather broken by several people, this one has at least had some playtesting behind it.

      Can't really add in any more magic items since GW has a limit of 10 though. Loremaster (astrolobe) isn't really that interesting since it's just a simple special rule, and the Blinding Light from the art of war section works rather similar to the old flashwork globes. You'll just have to make due I'm afraid.

      As for Nippon, I wanted Cathay to be the Dragon-themed nation, and dragons in Japan are usually "evil" compared to the benevolent Dragons of China, so it made more sense to leave it out. Kappa are Japanese, so they would definitely not show up in Cathay, and since they too are rather "evil" in Japanese myth, they really aren't that good a fit for the army list imo.

  2. I thought thats what u used grrr lol alot of people founf the phoenix a pest it was funny and made for some fun games

    yeah I know the globes though youre right they were similar to blinding light so no probs there

    true good thinking and i meant kappa for nippon that must have been a typo but you have oni in nippon there very evil so the evil thing isnt really an issue but awell one thing i would like to see in nippon is a monster

    one thing could you give me an idea where to get tengu i might sculpt some myself but am sculpting loads of other stuff atm

    btw ive been also doing alot of kislev playing and bar chaos dwarf its the most fun army ive ever used and that there is a proper very usable section of magic items i use most of them there all usable unlike games workshop magic items maybee 1 or 2 of them per book worth while
    I use the ice armour the alenadr armour the crown of kislev and both banners

    1. I'm sure it was fun for the ones using it; maybe not so much for those facing it ;)

      Oni are being controlled by the Shugenja though, they are the enemies of Nippon otherwise. Of course I could just write around it, but at the moment, I just don't have any particular ideas on how to incorporate Kappa in the army. Not all armies need to have monsters, Bretonnia and the Empire doesn't have any apart from their mounts ;)

      As far as Tengu goes, you choices are a bit slim, but Ral Partha used to make some:

      You might be able to track them down on ebay.

  3. yeah

    please write round it lol a turtle dragon would be nice for the monster though i dont have any monsters in kislev but wouldent want one

    those tengu are awesome m8 thx for that though ill need to keep lookin for them dam ral partha why did u die for oni im suing ogres and kitsunes big hounds rather than foxses

    once ive done cathay ill do hob gobs and ind please do them soon lol

    1. Sorry, Dragon Turtles are Chinese, I'm making a rather big deal about separating Chinese and Japanese culture in these books ;)
      That said, there's a possibility that I'll include new units for Nippon in the future, but probably not until 9th ed comes around.

      As I said earlier, check the list to the left, Ind will probably be done in October with the current schedule, Hobgoblins might see a November release if lucky. Gives you more time to work on your current armies ;)

      P.S. You might want to use more commas and punctuation in your comments, they are a bit hard to read sometimes. Just a friendly piece of advice :)

  4. Thanks for the update Matthias!

  5. Matthias,

    I hope you don't mind, but I have started converting your army books into Battlescribe data files. Only for my personal use though :)


    1. No problem at all! Feel free to distribute them as well if you want to, it's fine by me :)

    2. Thanks Matthias :) If anyone wants them, leave your email and I will send them over :)


    3. My email is in the right sidebar of the page ;)
      I'm more of an army builder user myself though so that won't be necessary, but thanks for the offer :)

    4. @Josh,

      Is there any chance I could get my hands on that Battlescribe file?
      chumparama (a)

    5. My email is

      Could you send me the battlescribe files you've done?


  6. Um, sorry in advance as this might sound stupid, but where is the Cathay update to be found? :)

    1. It's the same link as before, I only update the document, the location stays the same ;)
      I will have another update out later tonight though, so you might want to wait until that one comes out instead.