Sunday, 21 April 2013

New Cathay and Nippon updates out now!

These updates makes the following rules changes for both armies:


- Cho Ko Nu 7 pts (they are way too spam-friendly to be 5 pts each)
- Emperor's Guard back to 11 pts (their extra Initiative combined with Halberds and Glory for the Dragon Emperor makes them on par with greatswords in combat)
- Fire Arrow nerfed to Strength 3, no armour piercing. 100 pts.


- Katana allows models to re-roll 1's when rolling To Hit instead of +1 To Wound.
- Great Guard Imperial Armoury rule replaced with Impale Attack for Kirin, 60 pts.

The Nippon book now uses a new link (updated at the top and bottom of the page) since the old one bugged in Issuu (showing two Nippon documents instead of one).

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