Saturday, 20 April 2013

Support feature added

Seeing as there have been several people whom have been wanting to pay for these books (which was never the plan, and still isn't from my part), I have after much deliberation decided to add a support feature to the site, where you can donate through PayPal whatever amount you want.

As you can probably imagine, working on these books is both time consuming and also cost me a fair share of money in tracking down old White Dwarfs, WFRP source books, Army Books and so on, which are needed to update old units and extend the background sections of the books. I'm not asking for a hand-out since I do get by myself (though I'm hardly rich as a student), but if you feel like helping out, you now have the option to do so. Any donations received will strictly go towards being able to improve these books further in the future.

I would also like to yet again point out that the books consist of far from only my own material, and any donations should only be considered being for the work I do myself. As such, whatever you think these books might be worth to you, I would only give half or even a third of that, because I absolutely do not want any credit for material made by someone else, let alone be receiving money for it.

Regardless if you want to support the site or not, all books will still be freely available as before, and will be kept updated as usual. Thank you.



  1. I can't say enough how much I love your site and all the work that has ben put into it. Inspiring to say the least. I have just a few ideas about models to pass on. Celtos was a great line for Alboin/Gael troops including some staff slingers I would love to see or contribute rules for. Rackham/Confrontation had some Celts that would make great Druids, Centaurs and maybe even Gael Ogres. Harlequin produced some wonderful Sacrens that perfect for Araby. They also made some Mounted Squires and archers (SIR URIEN'S ARCHERS OF AVERAIGN) great for alternate Bretonians. Ebay has many of these figures. I have and Albion/Geal force with some painted and a start to a Kislevite army that includes some Mordhiem Kislev models that are almost impossible to find (10 swordsmen, 10 handgunners and 20 halbadiers). I would love to see or contribute rules for a Greek themed army (maybe Warriors of Ageus?) Units like Hoplites, Peltists, Slingers, light cavalry, chariots and Athenian citizen levy sound appropriate. Crocodile games has wonderful figures and Alcatani Pikemen would fit right in. Any thoughts email me Thank you once again for such incredible work. David Allen

    1. Hi Allen, if you have the latest version of the Albion book, you can see that I have added Centaurs, and the Youngbloods have access to slings.
      A Greek-themed army "might" appear as part of the Border Princes list, but in general, they lag a few thousands years behind the rest of the Warhammer world historically ;)