Sunday, 1 September 2013

Details for upcoming Hobgoblin update

But this one won't be out for a while, and this time I mean it! I think...

Anyway, this update will be rather similar to the Halfling one in that it will mostly be a graphical upgrade, although their army special rules will be different along with some other balance changes. Their history section will also be rewritten a bit to be more consistent with other books (the current version is frankly a mess), namely Cathay.
Unfortunately the book won't look anywhere as good as some of my better ones due to a distinct lack of artwork available. That said, I estimate it will still look about 148% better than the current version, so that's always something.

I currently have plans to include at least one new unit (you'll see it once it's out ;), and I will also finally include rules for the mighty Hobgobla Khan himself! Release date; probably September, it depends on how much new writing I have to do. Still, with 3 books out in August alone, I think I deserve a bit of a break anyway ;)

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  1. hi, i read in tamurkhan when they attacked the hobgoblins they also met some giant scopions, maybe can have giant scopion riders that can burrow or scaly skin monstrous calvry scopion riders for the hobgoblins as a new unit hehehe .Just a suggestion