Friday, 6 September 2013

New Halfling update out now!

This takes care of the following:
  • Normal BSB may be taken.
  • Beeswarms slightly cheaper.
  • Multiple bugs fixed.
  • Fonts embedded into the doc before printing (you're welcome RockinReaper ;)


  1. hi m8 i dont think the fonts are embedded because it doesent accept them heres a link how to do it

    i would really love this m8 as u know big fan of your books and must have em lol

    i need kislev , sartosa , halflings ,hobgobs ,cathay and definitly fimir

    1. Hmm, maybe they only became embedded into the Word doc as opposed to the pdf?

      Ouch, just tried it, afraid it's a no-go. Embedding the fonts when printing means all images that are supposed to have transparent background show up with white backgrounds for some reason. Not sure if there's a work-around for it.

  2. yeah pdf would have to be m8

    what thats crazy there must be ways around it well for example i publish my designed kids books and basically create all pages in adobe photoshop then i save them all as high res jpegs and then plop them into indesign and make the pdf because there all images the pdf doesent know that there are fonts as the fonts are now an image file

    i would be over the moon if u could do it but if not i understand

    1. I'll see if there's a way around it, but odds are not looking good at the moment. How come the fonts are not showing up when trying to print it though? Shouldn't it be a simple situation of "what you see is what you get" on the paper?

  3. just that i have found a few printing services which dont print pdfs if there not embedded fonts as i say i use jpeg pages then create the pdf afterwards

    btw look forward to hobgob list definitly using it please say the deathworm has small worms as hobgoblin monstrous cavalry lol and worm swarms lol

    1. That won't be an option for me I'm afraid, I print directly from word, anything else would take a lot more time, especially considering how often I update the books.

      And there won't be Deathworm MC's, but they will get something else instead ;)

  4. I noticed on page 7 under the heading 'The Halfling Army List' it refers to taking all the characters, warriors, monsters and war machines from the Army of the Devas section....presumably this should be The Hungry Horde section, right?

    Otherwise this looks GREAT although I have no idea what I would use for many of the units lol.

    1. Already taken care of, though not yet uploaded. For the units, some googling and greenstuff will probably be necessary, unless you can track down all the old GW halflings from the 80's ;)

  5. G'day Mathias,
    Just finished the Halfling army files and would like some confirmations;
    1. Stoutheart's weapon, Foeslayer, it is To3 or lower, correct?
    2. Does Jolly Bolbottom have It's Lunchtime! rule?
    3. Is the Hot Pot for Ogglethorpe 80 points and 65 points by itself?
    4. Is the Enchanter To2 or To3?

    Many thanks in anticipation,

    Steve Marriott

    1. Sorry for the late reply, I must have missed your comment!

      1. Yes, as it says.
      2. No, that's a bug.
      3. It's 80 pts, and it's part of him as a unit.
      4. T2.

  6. Just a few more clarifications;
    1. War Wagon bolt thrower profile, range 48", St6, D3 Wos, no ArSvs?
    2. Spell Fire of Vengeance, extended version is 21+?
    3. Spell Spirit Shield, is it increased to 10+?
    4. Item Wyrdstone Crown, is -1Ld cumulative each time a 1 is rolled?

    Kingdoms of Ind
    1. Magic Weapon Sudarshan Chakram, is it for Vaisha, Karishna or both?

    Many thanks for your help.

    1. Sorry for the late reply, bean busy with Battlefield 4 lately!

      1. Yes.
      2. Typo, should be 11.
      3. Typo, should be 24
      4. Cumulative.

      1. Karishna have it by default, a Vaishna may have it as an optional weapon.