Saturday, 21 September 2013

Upcoming updates and a short break

In case you were wondering what is being worked on right now, the answer is "not much".  The next book to be updated is Chaos Dwarfs, which will get 3 new special characters and see some changes in the army list section, along with an almost completely re-formatted background section. I will probably finish this late September or early October, seeing as there is quite a lot of stuff to fix.

After Chaos Dwarfs, the Fimir will get their proper 8th ed update along with a new background section. The book is currently in pre-production, and will most likely not be released until late October at earliest.

Right now I'm on a bit of a book-break, instead focusing on painting and the new slew of video games ready to hit (and Rome II is finally getting to a point where it might actually be playable with patches and mods). It's unlikely that you'll see many updates during November as well with a new Call of Duty and Battlefield coming out, so if I haven't almost finished the Fimir book until then, that one probably won't be done until mid-December.

And with that I'm off! In case you don't love clicking the F5 key a lot, I recommend you revisit this site is about 2 weeks or so when I might have something new out ;)

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