Thursday, 12 September 2013

New Hobgoblin update out now!

First day patch as usual, fixing the following:
  • Scorpion Riders now priced properly.
  • Dread Maw points costs rebalanced (no clue what Forge World was using as a formula, but it certainly doesn't seem correct).
  • A couple of spelling errors fixed.
I'm fairly certain there's plenty of minor issues left to resolve, but that should be the most obvious ones fixed at least.

More fixes:
  • Ghazak Khan and Hobgobla Khan now properly priced.
  • Multiple spelling errors and minor bugs fixed.


  1. Hello
    Noticed a mistake with unit pricing. In the army list entry the Hobgobla Khan's points cost is 75 points; shouldn't it be a little higher?
    Also, I was wondering, although this may not be the place to mention it, but what is the case for using Regiments of Renown with your army lists? The Regiments of Renown book included a compatability chart with the offical army books, but what if I want to use them with my Cathayan or Estalian armies? Could we maybe see an extra page added to the Dogs of War listing which of your unofficial armies can use Regiments of Renown. Thanks.

    1. Yeah, I forgot to price him altogether, so 75 pts is completely wrong.

      I will probably make a separate pdf for using RoR in the unofficial armies, the DoW isn't made by me alone, and it was made with more official tournament play in mind, hence only official books are mentioned.