Wednesday, 4 September 2013

New Halfling and Kingdoms of Ind udates out now!

These fixes the following:

Kingdoms of Ind:
  • A couple of spelling issues and rules clarifications.

  • Enchanters may now use as many power dice as normal wizards, they are gimped enough as it is.
  • Beeswarms gains +D6 attacks.
  • A couple of spelling issues and minor bugs fixed.


  1. Hi Mathias! I've reading your latest update on the Halflings book, and I found some bugs, and want to give you some suggestions:

    -Is the standard of the Moot really an arcane item?
    -Halflings can't have a BSB or I'm missing something?
    -Why a character mounted on a pony does not have the Omph! rule?
    -An option to mount a character on a hound, a ram or a swan would be nice.
    -On the vigilante guard entry on the army list, the option to equip the unit with bows is duplicated.
    -On the fieldwardens entry on the army list, there's an option to swap spears for halberds, and they are not supposed to have spears.
    -On the rangers entry on the army list, there's an option to equip the unit with bows, and they already have bows.
    -Poisoned attacks on bee swarms would be fitting and helpful.
    -I'd like that the ogres could wear light armor or iron fists.
    -On the halftank, the 0-1 limit should go, that limit disappeared on 8th edition. You can modify the fluff a bit or keep it unique transforming it to a special character.

    That's all for now, an outstanding job mate (even if I don't like the cover too much). Keep up the good job :)

    1. Hi, thanks for your feedback!

      - No ofc not ;) Fixed.
      - I was going back and forth between that and the chuck wagon so long I forgot which one I decided on! Yes, they are supposed to be able to have normal BSB's. Fixed.
      - Because otherwise your characters would die 1/6 of the time, and no one would ever want to use them ;) As characters, they are simply more accomplished riders.
      - Fixed.
      - Fixed.
      - Fixed.
      - Normal bee aren't poisonous though, certainly not on par with that of other poisons. It would also make them far too effective at taking down monsters.
      - Light armour has been added as default, I'd rather keep them simple in regards to the ironfists though, which is an Ogre Kingdoms' unique weapon.
      - While I would normally agree, it's not controlled by a special character, and it's only fitting that there's just one in the whole Moot. The fact that you can take more than 8 Steam tanks in an Empire army for instance is just silly.

      Agree on the cover though, but it's damn hard to find good halfling artwork out there, and my planned artist didn't have time to make a new one for me unfortunately.